Easy Pricing Tables Integration

Need to add high conversion pricing tables to your WordPress site and connect it to your WP Simple Pay payment forms? We highly recommend (and use) Easy Pricing Tables Premium by Fatcat Apps.

Here’s a demo of Easy Pricing Tables Premium connected to Stripe subscriptions through WP Simple Pay Pro.

Choose the “Agency Plan” to launch an overlay payment form that collects additional information for the subscription.

Test Mode

Standard Plan

1 Website
30,000 Monthly Visits
Unlimited Data Transfer
5GB Storage
Test Mode

Business Plan

5 Websites
100,000 Monthly Visits
Unlimited Data Transfer
15GB Storage

WP Simple Pay Demo

Agency Plan

Billing Address (optional)
Test Mode
Test Mode

Agency Plan

20 Websites
500,000 Monthly Visits
Unlimited Data Transfer
50GB Storage

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with a Plus or higher license.