Mixed Payment Types

Easily create a combination of one-time and subscription pricing options on your WordPress site.

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All forms are in Test Mode, and no live payments will be processed. Test using card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, any future expiration, any CVC, and a US-formatted post code (such as 42424). More test numbers here.

One-Time and Subscription Amounts

Collect a one time amount or a subscription payment in the same form:

Mixed Types

An example of mixed payment types

Price Options
Test Mode

One-Time and Subscription Custom Amounts

Collect a custom one time amount, or a custom subscription amount in the same form:

Mixed Types - Custom

An example of a mixed payment type form with custom amounts

Price Options

Subtotal $20.00

Total due $20.00

Recurring amount starting at $20.00 every 1 month

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