Stripe Checkout Overlay Options

Stripe controls the options and display of the checkout overlay, but there are a few options you can enable in WP Simple Pay Pro depending on what you want to offer your customers, such as:

  • Brand logo or product image
  • One-click payment through Stripe’s Remember Me
  • Custom checkout button text
  • Zip/postal code verification
  • Billing and shipping address collection

Go ahead and click on the payment buttons below to see different overlay configurations in action.

Test using card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, any (future) expiration and any CVC. More test numbers here.

Zip/Postal Code Verification

Although optional, Stripe highly recommends at least verifying the zip or postal code of each customer to minimize fraud, even if you don’t ask for a billing address in order to keep the checkout time minimal for the customer.

Test Mode

Billing and Shipping Addresses + Remember Me

Request a billing and shipping address as well as enable Stripe’s “Remember Me” option for easy one-tap payments for returning customers.

Test Mode

Currently, the checkout overlay cannot be customized further than you see it as it’s controlled by Stripe, but we do have a custom overlay feature currently under development.

You can, however, add many types of custom fields to the on-page payment form. See the custom fields demo.