Subscriptions – Setup Fees & Free Trials

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with a Plus or higher license.

If needed you can charge your customers a one-time setup fee in addition to the initial recurring payment amount.

You can also allow them to enter their payment information but sign them up for a time-limited free trial.

Optionally add labels to indicate the total initial payment and recurring payment amounts, which are dynamically updated as the customer changes plans.

Not found in this demo is the ability to set installment plans (aka “max charges” or “payment plans”), which allow you to set subscriptions to end after a specific number of charges.

Test using card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, any (future) expiration and any CVC. More test numbers here.

User Selects + Setup Fee

In this demo a $5.00 setup fee is applied for all plans except Gold, where a $15.00 setup fee has been specified.

Initial Payment: $0.00

Recurring Total: $0.00/month

Test Mode

Free Trial

This demo offers two plans that include a 14-day trial period.

Test Mode